Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blacktown Council Response To ITMP - My Submission!

I have had a response to my own submission to Blacktown City Council Integrated Transport Master Plan .

I commend the initiatives taken by Council Officers to have the First BCC ITMP and although a lot of the suggestions is in day to day business of Transport for Council, it appears a lot of the  important issues are flagged off/passed onto NSW for Transport 'Because they have the final say/decision'. This in itself sends confusing signals as to whether Australia's most populated Council is seriously looking to promote more of the community to catch public transport within the Local Government Area, which in the long term can reduce costs to providing further roads widened, repairs of major or smaller roads, traffic congestion and parking issues in all streets, which can be overcrowding and  in streets. Attributing to a lower budget for Transport in Council's financial books, in the long term years to come.

We have got the buses that currently service NSW Bus Region 1, with recommendations provided from  Bus Companies and also Council as well. I feel it should be major strategic move that Council adopts a more stronger approach to Public Transport. How many Councillors catch public transport  and how many Council Officers catch public transport. If the majority of both do not catch public transport, this is probably where the core problem starts where there is no great emphasis to promote public transport.

This Plan is a plan of the future 20 years, my concern is that it doesn't seem to want to pick up short term plans suggested as it is a longer-term plan. Yet, as speaking to a Council spokesperson today, the short term plans should not be put aside plans for today or tomorrow as short term plans should be part of the BCC ITMP. The other aspect I was told it is based on infrastructure not services. 

That to me is a 'two way traffic' system that needs to be looked at in the plan: you can't have services without proper infrastructure but you cannot plan without knowing what services are required to cater for the future population, an important factor - one cannot go without the other.

Although, they say some of my suggestions are currently in the plan of  BCC ITMP the rest is out of their hands referred to Transport for NSW and their response will not be added to the plan. The BCC ITMP will be reviewed every year, remain on the website once all legal and technical aspects are checked.

We therefor need to change the way Local Council is interested in public transport if not they will be only interest to increase roads for the increase usage of private vehicles.

Please Click Here for my submission: (I believe that Council Officers have  support a majority of the suggestions provided to them). For that I thank them.

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