Thursday, January 2, 2014

Safer & More Air-Conditioned Sydney Train Services

Towards the end of last year (not far away), I met George from Penrith who catches Sydney Trains to and from Penrith to Parramatta and then travels to and from Westmead train station to get to and from work. 

Due to his shift work he will use a private car to get to and from work when he leaves at midnight, due to not have efficient safety measures on Sydney Trains around midnight.

One of the issues which he feels is extremely import to himself and other commuters is air conditioning - especially in the summer time where sometimes he catches hot trains or even no air conditioning on trains,  on the return trip. This important issue requires commuters comfort to be emphasised as matter of priority as this then means for a 30 minutes trip to home he gets hot, sweaty and could lead to not feeling better as he reaches home.

He believes that absolutely trains must have Air conditioning - regular maintenance checks may be required as it appears that may be  they aren't regularly checked not enough. Exceptions are the newer times on the T1 line - suggest having implementing more newer trains will place a greater emphasis in resolving the situation. Thus every one has a better comfort trip  home.

He suggested  that he would prefer to leave his car at night, but as he feels there are enough safety measures at night, he considers this as an important issue that needs to be looked into by the NSW Minister of Transport. This is a high matter of importance to promote more  non-commuters of public transport to willingly catch public trans late at nights, when there is complete safety implemented to cater for safer night time commuters. Then people will catch more public transport, reducing cars off the road and this is really what the NSW Government need to do to reduce congestion on roads point people to catch a most reliable & safer public trains network!

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