Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wet'n'wild - Dry And Alone For Commuters In The Far Western Sydney!

Time and time again commuters in Western Sydney complaints about the lack of public transport to get to and from important events.

This time it is apparently difficult for  commuters from as far as the Mountains to reach the new Wet'n'wild in Prospect. This venue has been advertised in the wider community as, 'The most technologically advanced park in the world.' ( Refer to Wet'n'wild website - click here)

Yet it doesn't have the technological advances that is required commuters to be assisted to get to  the venue from Blacktown and far out west. Buses travel only from Parramatta (which covers commuters  from Parramatta to East of Sydney) but there are no bus services from either or all: Blacktown, Mount Druitt and/or Penrith.

So here comes an instance where local planners with NSW for Transport  did not consider providing services for the greater west of Sydney. Maybe someone will wake up and start organising this - even as part of  Blacktown's Integrated Transport Management Plan (ITMP) and the NSW For Transport Long Term Transport Master Plan.

So some commuters will feel 'Dry' getting to the new Wet'n'wild with not have proper public transport infrastructure implemented. The focus indicated from all stake holders is not to promote 'public transport access from the Greater West of Sydney. Let's see if the  all public transport stake holders -  focus on this public transport improvements!

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