Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Improvements In Public Transport Must Be Planned Before Catering For Local Growth In Population!

Improvements in community infrastructure, making life better for all the community can eventually mean improved public transport within the area.

A lot of local improvements for community infrastructure are approved a by Local, State & Federal Governments.We always appreciate this and we will eventually all accommodate new changes. This is although we are used to the old and find it difficult with the new.

Being involved in the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan and personally submitting a report  to the Blacktown Council's Integrated Transport Management Plan, I have grown up to learn that it is not good just looking after our own current lives not worrying of everyone's future. We all have an opportunity to plan for the future. If we don't, our future population will be left unplanned as it was in the early pioneering days of inner Sydney (Which I say was an unplanned City).

So, as we need to plan for the future, we need to get used to change. Harsh as it may be for some people who don't like changes or even instant changes 'Out with the old in with the new'.

Even myself, I sometimes find changes difficult to deal with. Yet when it comes to the worrying about the future and catering for the inevitable population growth that will happen tomorrow, next week, next month and also the following years to come, this is my concern.

Strategic plans should be put into place immediately, to ensure that, our land use can be utilised, for population increases we are going to get in 10 years, twenty years and beyond. Plans, discussions and input from today's community, all tiers of governments and  the business community have to be implemented.

So, in our urban community in Mount Druitt part of the Blacktown local government area, have to realise that we are living in 'quality  spaces of land'. This land which includes the houses we live in  may have 4 people living in land area size of 600 metres square. In years to come with median and high density living zones to be implemented in years to come, this will cause people to live  in housing areas of 200-250 square metres or less of land mass. Allowing for essentially more population to be accommodated for within the same land, we are currently living in. 

Major buildings and lands in major hubs will have to be redesigned to cater for the growing population, business and community services provided by Governments and the private sector. 

Before all this can be done, plans must be made for improvements in bus services in general, by ensuring there is is enough services, on the road running on time, comfortable, enough bus tops and shelters, to take the increased population to the daily destination.

There is a local issue that has  been raised in our local community, which I  look at from both sides of the coin and have come to a positive definite resolution that will silence all critics as and promote an improved future community.

It is the closing down of the Mount Druitt swimming pool. It does send a distress signal to the community when community services are reduced or cut down but there is the important issues lying in front of us that is not being raised by either side of  the local political pendulum.

Mt Druitt Swimming Pool when it was open in early 2013.
Photo from The Daily Telegraph

The Mount Druitt Swimming Pool - run by Blacktown City Council for over 40 years. I have actually been there once in  23 years and have previously gone to Emerton Leisure Center or 'Ripples' St. Marys in the past.

Whenever I walk past the Mount Druitt Swimming Pool, I see a venue that it is not well occupied by the community;  I see little numbers of  community members using the pool compared to Emerton and St Marys Pool's. Maybe, past Council's have not promoted the well as a great community venue: No big advertising besides Council calenders and website. That is there was no advertising om the billboards on the side of Mount Druitt train station or Mount Druitt Bus Interchange, advertising family fun days, etc. and promotion of  public transport services to get there.

The above photo show how it really wasn't used by the community that well and more than half empty, plenty of seating!

I understand the Local Labor opposition's protest and rally to keep the pool open for the community but I find it extraordinary when, local identity Ben Price of Ben Price Real Estate Agent, son of a Former Federal Member of Chifley, Roger Price is looking to sell developmental median to High Rise units in Ayres Grove in Mount Druitt - around the corner from where where the Mount Druitt Pool is.

Click Here To View Ben Price Real Estate Agents Selling High Rise Properties

Now another factor to put into place, is 2 kilometers North East of Mount Druitt Swimming Pool is Emerton Swimming Pool as the crows flies and  on  the other side 1 kilometre  as the crow flies East there is the new 'Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre part of Rooty Hill R.S.L. This indicated we have 3 pools within  close proximity of each other.

So the conclusion is, the current Liberal/Independent Blacktown proposal to sell of the Mount Druitt Swimming Pool could  be  a step in the right direction to cater to the growing population even according prominent local identity's of Labor Party,who are selling land for that purpose.

But public transport planning must be put into action if any major land is sold to develop properties catering for the growth in future population.

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