Thursday, September 12, 2013

Delayed Trains Are Better And Free Wi-Fi On Sydney Trains - Same As Provided By Sydney University - Whalan Commuter!

There is always a great chance when I am travelling on the Western Line in Sydney, that I'll meet someone from wonderful Western Sydney. Then there a  50/50 chance that I will meet someone new from with the Mount Druitt or surrounding suburbs area. Lastly, it is a lesser chance that I will pick up a public transport conversation with a commuter living in Whalan.

And that is what has happened!

Joy, a young university student from Whalan has spoken up about important improvements she requires, which will be  quite well appreciated by other commuters.

She travels to Sydney University from Mount Druitt to Redfern  return with Sydney Trains  finds that firstly has normally train delays now once every fortnight as opposed to once a week. Claims she is not a qualified expert, but if she was she would like to see more trains  in non-peak times from 20 minutes service to 10 minutes, 'It doesn't matter if  it is an all stops service, as feels  would be a great demand for this on the Western Line.

On a different issue she advised Sydney University supplies Free Wi-Fi to all students as long and use the student card to use the service. With the Opal Card coming out west, she thinks the NSW Government could look at a similar system for commuters to use free Wi-Fi on trains using details  from their Opal Card ( New electronic ticketing System. She cannot see why Both the University and Sydney Trains both run by a Government within Australia and of Australia, why it cannot be brought out on Sydney Trains  service.

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