Friday, September 13, 2013

Do You Spark Up Conversations With People You Don't Know On public Transport?

If you don't, do not be shy  people may respond. We live in a world where we  see hundred of people on  different modes of public transport  and yet we do not know  everyone we meet. Mind you it is not compulsory, to do so!

But if you have a personality that  is able to influence people to start talking and it can be over nothing - you are a champion. A happy conversation with a commuter that may be feeling miserable, sad or unhappy may spark their day up and change their attitude towards life. Just imagine if you have touch one person and changed their thoughts for the day to a more positive potential outlook for day, what wonders it does and then that person or people could do the same to others.

I only discovered recently that people do have the power to change society, with the help of others. Actually if one person can change another person to have a much better or more positive stance of life, the power is in one's hands (or should I say mouth)!

The other night there was a group of colleagues that I return from work to Mount Druitt in groups and we suddenly were speaking to 2 commuters on a Sydney Train who were keen to discuss public transport. One of the commuters took a sheet of our Proposed  Bus Shuttle Service and was prepared to do something good for Mount Druitt, obtain further signed petitions. The colleagues from work next day spoke to me and that I can spark wonderful conversations with people - yet I advised we all have the  gift of doing this.

The other commuter advised he was a door to door sales person - loving his job and meets 170 people per day - I added in there another five you have met today and he agreed with a wonderful smile.

See what you can you to do to make a Sydney Train commuter happy at least for one day!

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