Sunday, September 8, 2013

Night Train Commuter - Requires More Safety Patrolling Trains- Mount Druitt Commuter!

Raymond from Mount Druitt travels by Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt to Parramatta and sometimes to Town Hall and he travels on his return trip home latest about 10.00 pm.

He feels strongly for safety issues on Sydney Trains is that there are a lot of commuters being sick and drunk at nights. Also what is not good is the amount of bad language used  and people get away of it. Other issues are sometimes Sydney Trains provide late train services up to 8-10 minutes and not known why they re cancelled or late.

Safety is all about providing more patrolling of Sydney Trains especially late at night, although it is hard. Previous transit officers didn't have the power to arrest and remove commuters who are upsetting others. Panic buttons must be available on train stations, allowing commuters to speak to relevant safety officers.

Maintenance and checking of train carriages before they are released into service, ensuring they are in good working order Old trains needs to be replaced. Newer trains to solve one thing to reduce timing delays.

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Anonymous said...

Raymond lets get a few facts right Transits officer did have the power of arrest and so does every citzen of NSW. The other thing is i have seen Transits Officers removed passengers who had upset the travelling public with their anti social behaviour.

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