Saturday, September 21, 2013

Public Transport Future FIRST Document For Blacktown City Council!

As reported in the previous blog, Blacktown City Council is  historically going to produce a plan for the future of public transport,  which they  are asking for community feed back. 

The community feedback is important as if there little or none - then Council may proceed with progress without knowing what the community needs. The initial planning has been going for almost a year and now it  is our to provide  feedback and  suggestions for improvements as part of the plan. 

The Blacktown City Council 'Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan' was launched yesterday and is a vital part of planning to ensure we cover  the future population growth that is expected to be around  500,000 in 2036. Also, it will need to look as to how  people can be moved from using private cars to public transport in getting to places.

Please share this information with your community and  community organisations so that everyone is encouraged to ' Have a Local Say!'

Here are summaries of the Blacktown City Council 'Draft Integrated transport Management Plan Summary':

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