Thursday, September 26, 2013

Simply Increase Sydney Train Services And Waiting Times Reduce - Better Life!

When I meet new commuters on the train/bus I don't know their name, suburb where they live or if they hate or like public transport. Yet, unknown to them here comes an ugly looking old man, working his way to break the ice as to reaching the people's mind and  know what is it that they want to see improved in any aspects of public transport.

So here was  well spoken and educated Vivian from Mount Druitt, who loves to do one thing on trains. That is, she loves reading thick novels  by relaxing on Sydney Trains Trips as this is the only time she has to  read them.  Vivian confirmed she isn't a fast reader - to me she reads with quite ease.

So Vivian uses Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt to Central or Town Hall pending how she feels (maybe to read an extra page or two) and then sometime tales the Light Rail to Pyrmont  for Work.

Her issue that she  would like to see improved is improving frequency of train services  in the Peak time from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, because if she or any commuter misses a train there is a 15 minute wait, which can be a long time, when we are all trying to balance our lives and spend more time at home to enjoy life.

Simply, she suggests that put on more trains on the Western Line to increase of services times, reducing waiting times on Sydney Trains and this would make not only her life easy also any other commuters living in the Greater Western Sydney.

What do you think is this what you feel? Let's here from you!

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