Monday, September 30, 2013

Are Sydney Trains "Quite Carriages" - Quite Carriages?

Shhhhh, we're trialling quiet carriagestoday, I have finally experienced travelling on a 'Quiet Carriage' on Sydney Trains  and I found it reasonably quiet. 

I was travelling from Parramatta to Mount Druitt as I actually didn't know that I was on a 'quiet carriage' until the announcement was made on Parramatta train station,  before leaving the train station. As part of the announcement indicated that refraining from using loud music,using of mobile phones and loud conversations. Funny enough, I noticed people using mobile phones (texting) and one gentleman spoke loudly on a mobile that rang and another had a mobile ringing. In the background I could here a young baby crying.

So this was my experience of using 'Quiet Carriages' on Sydney Trains, what is your experience? Let us know!

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