Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blacktown City Council Now Takes Time - Can't Get Back By Bus At Mount Druitt When Meeting Is Closed!

I have been to quite a few Blacktown City Council General Meeting and have found a change of direction with the new labor Opposition. That is when they were in in Local Government they only spent from 7pm up to maximum 10pm to do the business of the meeting. The opposition debate was not as repetitive as it is now.

The now opposition Local Labor Government  carry on and carry on on the one issue, even so that one Councillor will speak three or four times over the same issue, interject and delay the Council Business. The funny thing is one their Councillors had the audacity to stand up and say, 'We wonder why Council takes time going through long meetings' and Later stated, 'It is a Health and Safety issue for meetings to be that long!' Sometimes  the meetings go for 5 hours! Rescission motion motion after rescission motion - it appears they want business for Council not to proceed - on purpose!

The worst thing is the same Councillor regarding one issue said,'We will raise the issue 1,000 times because we represent the community.' that is the same issue at each meeting. If this happens business  Of Council will not be able to be progressed. I cam for the item of Mini Shuttle bus - never arrived at it by 11.15pm so I went home - no buses at Mount Druitt at 12.20pm.

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