Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Western Sydney Community Meets NSW Cabinet In St Marys Leagues!

I was a bit apprehensive about how the community would react to a NSW Liberal State Government leading an  open community forum - for all to discuss. Yet I was proven wrong - there was no hostility and the Western Sydney community was well behaved! It was held in  Bart Bassett's Londonderry State seat.

Bart Bassett,
NSW Member for Londonderry
I nearly was the first one to open the forum with a question, when Stuart Ayres pointed in my direction, asked me to speak as a young man in blue shirt - but my co-member because became the young man and got his question through on the North West Rail Link. I then had to wait my turn.

There were various question s asked by the community and eventually the basic outcome I got is NSW Government has a growing population and they are looking at pockets of lands on the outskirts of Sydney to ensure there is enough housing for the growing Sydney and in doing so, have in place future plans to cater for growth - which will generate a growing economy.

NSW Cabinet Ministers

NSW Premier,
Barry O'Farrell
Then came my turn to ask  my question - I came in unprepared - but I knew I had to ask a question that nobody would ask, be afraid to ask and stand up for the Mount Druitt & Western Sydney community.  So it was around, 'What security measures  can NSW Government do make Mount Druitt, St Marys, Penrith and the greater western Sydney a safer place for commuters in relation to anti-social behaviours. The response first came from the Minister of Transport Gladys Berejiklian  with what has been commence 'Angels on trains and  more security cameras on train stations etc' - Barry O'Farrell, NSW Premier, advised of concerns he has for graffiti artists and that if a  teenager has committed  these offences and they have a driving licence -  that these youths faces magistrates in court and receive penalties that are not just financial but personally by extending their 'P' plate licence for an extra year or similar - he also spoke about funding of approximately $55M to alleviate these problems the government is spending.

I found it very pleasing that both the government members addressed myself as 'John' and treated me as if they knew me for a little long time!

More NSW Cabinet Ministers

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