Friday, September 23, 2011

Transport Is on The Move - Sydney Alliance

I can now reveal that I am wearing a third and last voluntary cap, within the wider Sydney Community. An organisation of organisations that involves unions, religious and community groups working in harmony for the common good of civil society.

On the foundation day 15th September 2011, the organisers of the Sydney Alliance  showed how civil society with over 45 different organisations can work together (not looking at differences)  for what we all want in life goals. Everyone wants a better life, how and what sort of life is pretty much what we all want at the end of any day.

Imman's sitting alongside bishops and also Rabbi's, women's &  migrant groups sitting alongside community groups and different unions sitting alongside other unions. And even I have  made 2 connections: first one locally within the community and the second one within my heart.

The first one was Gwen from Shalvey that was one of the transport speakers talking on her real story of how she struggles - when Busways bus services of 755 have been taken away from her street, leaving her to walk 15 minutes to the next nearest street for bus stop and then if bus is missed then half an hour wait for next service. Gwen had known of our group but had not known where and when we were meeting - a bus driver told her of our group. This is is where I have made my connection locally and Gwen has attended our first meeting today.

The second is from the the heart: that is treat people  for who they are - not what you want them to be. I have normally been fair but  need to be a lot fairer on my judgements of people. So that means be encouraging to them, don't let them down!

Thank you Sydney Alliance for you making these connections for us and me!

Here is the link to Sydney Alliance: SydneyAll...jpg in slide show

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