Friday, September 9, 2011

Opportunity For All Commuters To Meet The NSW Cabinet

I have never been given a chance to meet so many parliamentarians  in one place at all, even locally. I have spoken and dealt with Members of Parliament Federal, State and Local Government and what I find they are all people : like you and me.

This night gives us an opportunity to meet them all and maybe have your say to them - hopefully, peacefully. We understand with transport that Western Sydney has been funded in the right direction, so in this years budget. Western Sydney has been focused on so much until last New South Wales State Election. A lot of the elderly population of the Western Sydney may have been mostly brought up in Sydney Eastern Suburbs before as I have discovered some some of our group members.

This is a good stance the government is having, which I believe The Australian Federal Government has been doing for a few years. My understanding is the NSW Cabinet will be completing their Cabinet meeting prior to Public Forum. What will be exciting will be meeting both the Premier and the Minister of Western Sydney in one handshake, Mr. Barry O'Farrell. I encourage all of you to attend, if you can make it but book first.

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