Thursday, September 8, 2011

Transport A Big Plus Western Sydney - Mount Druitt St Marys Standard 7/9

Here is some exerts from the Mount Druitt St Marys Standard -  confirming what the NSW Governments commitment to spending more on public transport in the Western Sydney in this years budget. What we will need to see in Mount Druitt is see what improvements we get. Is it what we the commuters of Mount Druitt want and has the new NSW Government listened to our pledges and pleas?

Richard Amery

To both Richard Amery and Barry O'Farrell - we thank both Government for commencing construction and continuing with the Mount Druitt Commuters Car Park, until completion They have both gone in the right and right direction to bringing a better and improved Mount Druitt Transport Infrastructure. This will make more people leave their cars at work and  bring them right into public transport. What we need as a transport community

This is where across the NSW State, transport has been noticed as an important political issue to fix and improve. We are a growing State, City, Western Sydney Region and Mount Druitt Town, moving with population growth which means that you do not leave transport alone in some areas and fix them in other areas. In the inner city of Sydney we have efficient buses,  at least every five minutes on major roads. Let us see how  the NSW Government focuses on important essential services vital to everyone daily needs to get to all places at all times, with complete safety provided as well.

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