Sunday, September 18, 2011

Londonderry Electoral Officer Meets Our Group - And Listens!

We had our  group meeting today, with a reasonably great turnout of members and new members, whilst meeting our first ever guest - Michael Creed - Electoral officer for the Member of Londonderry, Right Hon. Bart Bassett.

Members present their own issues - Wilmot - no extra buses just buses that don't run early!  Gasmatta Crescent, Whalan wants a full service and not older style buses. 755 to be fully restored straight to Blacktown\via Plumpton Shops! Return of 762 to Bidwill . More evening, and early morning bus services enabling people to get to job interviews, meeting families around the area or even in other areas around Sydney or even out of Sydney.

From here we proposed and showed the free bus shuttle run which Blake  has proposed - although it was 16 bus stops it needed to be reduced to 9 or 10 bus stops. So I am sure that Blake will work on it - Michael advised the concept, it was something that would be beneficial to the Mount Druitt commuters and he would refer to the member Bart Bassett, as  the electorate runs inside the western side of the route.

Michael explained that although we  have a lot of demands - not all will be met overnight and will be referred too. It was pleasing that at the end of the meeting it was acknowledged that he listened! We will come back to you with further feedback!

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