Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doonside Commuter With Zoning Issues!

Today, I was  met a wonderful man from Doonside, Haris, is a commuter that travels to and from Central for the last 4 years and when he travels on the outward journey in the afternoon. he then catches a nap of sleep ( not needing an alarm clock to wake himself up),and wakes up at Westmead, ready to depart the train at Doonside.

Haris tells me that because he catches his train in Doonside his weekly Cityrail ticket is $47.00 per week. Yet if he  catches the train one stop closer to Sydney City at Blacktown then the City Rail fare is $33.00 per week. So he pays extra $14.00 per week for living one stop further out west. This would be the same with all commuters in Doonside. maybe a fairer ticketing system might come in place.

He is also worried when fares keep on increasing,and the NSW Government ends up with no budget for transport.Haris cannot see where the money is being spent ( extra) when these fares go up!

Haris also sated that he felt with anti-social issues there are sometime commuters drunk on trains abusing other commuters for no reason and there is no protection for the commuters the. He doesn't feel that Police with solve the issue - until I explained that Police have more powers than State transit Officers. He does believe that security type guards are required to patrol trains and train stations, as appearance and presence can deter potential anti-social behaviours.

I added to this that one day there may be random breath tests for drugs and  over the limit alcohol commuters - which, if they were not in a position to act co-ordually, maybe placed ino overnight police stations to cool off! Just more thoughts!

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