Monday, September 5, 2011

In A Perfect Public Transport World....

 And In perfect Public Transport World.....
  • There would be no angry transport officers.
  • Trains, buses, ferries and light rail would always be efficient.
  • Taxi.drivers will meet, greet, be polite and announce fares and route destinations prior to commuters departure on their journey.
  • Connections to other forms of transport will limit time waiting for the new connection to arrive.
  • Fares on all transport will be cost effective for all transport commuters.
  • One single, return, weekly, monthly and yearly ticket to pay for all metropolitan buses, trains and light rail as on trains, buses and ferries.
  • You will be told when to step off your bus and or train.
  • As a cyclist other vehicles with give way to you.
  • Electronic Transport Cards (Electronic Ticketing System) will allow to enter and sit down on public transport without searching for coins!
  • You would have to complain about service as a commuter.
  • All commuters to ride comfortably on all forms of transport.
So in a perfect public transport world what is your perfect public transport world.......................

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