Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Are Now Incorporated! Our Group Has Been Waiting For This!

Today, our group is officially registered Under the NSW Fair Trading under Incorporation as an Association.
as 'Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Incorporated'

This gives us the legal right to keep our name and run the group as we have been as a professional community group. Blacktown City Council former Senior Traffic Officer, Stephen Briant had advised myself before that for future BCC Transport Forums, Council preferred that we were registered as we have done today. This now mean that other transport stake holders will know we do mean 'business' in lobbying hard to get improve public transport infrastructure, as all stake holders understands the 'customer comes first'!

We have been limited in funds being received running our group and have taken this long to raise funds to pay for the registration. We do not actively go out to the community and knock door-to-door. Yet we would kindly accept any donations that the community would like  to provide to assist us with our local campaigns. Our costs have also been limited so far as well, so here we have been lucky! Should you wish to make a donation to us, contact us.

So you will now note that the top of the blogspot heading has been updated - once our logo is ready we will update it as well. We are here for the community and commuters that use public transport in and around mount Druitt.

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