Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Bus Shuttles - Other Possibilities For Mount Druitt

Commuters from all over Mount Druitt are providing suggestions of the extension of the proposed Free Bus Shuttle. Blake started it  and can search under the label 'Blake's Way' and recently there was a proposal to extend the route to Rooty Hill.

A few months ago there was a suggestion that the bus route is extended to Rooty Hill shops - Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson will look into it via Blacktown City Council.

Today another local legend in thinking, Leonard from Whalan has thought about extensions to The Mount Druitt via Woodstock Road and  head to Belmore Road, linking to Minchinbury - this will meet commuters that need to at different shops,  other community  groups and organising around the proposed route and provide a better link to Mount Druitt South.

My suggestion is to let the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle be approved, have its trial period, if it is so successful and utilised, then extensions of the proposed serviced  can be reviewed to be exteneded.

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