Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have your Say - NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan?

This is a good chance for you to have your say with Public Transport improvements/issues within NSW for the future - have your say prior to 27th April 2012. That's when it closes!

Why is it good is because customer/commuters suggestions are so important they can swing government decisions either one way or another as long as it is a proper, economical, strategically and  adaptable to improve, provide benefits to all public transport commuters.

One of the things that I would like to see improved, is more promotion of public transport in all forms of all media's. One day there may not be any cars around to take us around as we suck up the rest of the earthly fuel we have. We have to  run on solar powered transport vehicles or using other sources of energy. So on the move, we have to think clearly how do we get more people off cars (single drivers no passengers). Using more affordable and more reliant public transport . Public transport should be there for commuters and then commuters will be there for public transport!

Click Here For The NSW Transport Future Master Plan

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