Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wow 'Outlook' - Catholic Diocese of Parramatta!

This was something I knew about but when first told about it, nearly made myself fall into the ground. This is amazing best thing that could happen from an unrecognised area of talent I represent within the public transport community of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs.

I would like to take my hat off ( I mostly where caps) to the people & organisations that the story a real story of life and meaning, in trying to make a good change for the community with the passion and support of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please read this true story and understand where I am coming from and going too.

Thank you Evan Ellis, reporter - you discovered in me the connection between transport and faith in God - through the 'Sydney Alliance'

Thank you Father Ed Dooley - Holy Family Parish Priest for explaining my connection to Evan Ellis - inspiring him to report on this story.

Thank you 'Sydney Alliance' to meet a whole range of people from different parishes, churches, religions, unions and community groups who share the common goal of a great society to live in.

Thank you Bishop Anthony Fisher for installing myself as an acolyte and providing your humble blessing for this story to be told.

Thank you Jane Favotto Editor of 'Catholic Outlook', for allowing Evan Ellis to report on such a meaningful advocacy that is passionate within me

Thank you Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group for working with and towards a common goal of improved public transport. From Peter, Wayne, Joan, Angie, Allan, Debbie, Anne, Margaret, Mary, Blake, Janet, Jacqueline, Dianne and any others that deserve to be mentioned.

Thank you for the commuters of Mount Druitt that have spoken and asked to be represented - your heart is in my hands: every time I meet some one, shake hands and lobby for you - you are there with me!

Thank you to my family you are all great and supportive.

A special thanks to my deceased father, who is there somewhere travelling with me in every place I go.

You can also check out the story in the December 2011-January 2012 issue of Catholic Outlook:

Catholic Outlook - Catholic Diocese of Parramatta  - Page 15

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