Friday, December 2, 2011

Trains.....Things that People do! 'Ideal Creative Story Writing!

Well, two lovely young  teenage girls were sitting opposite myself (extremely well behaved)  doing something that I have never seen before, on the Western train service to Emu Plains.What they did was creative, fun and could take over the world ,maybe.

They had a pen each and one writing pad. Instead of talking to each other they were  placing combined efforts to write a story together : sentence by sentence. The story started with a heading,'Once upon a time....."
One of the young girls would start the story with a sentence and placed the writing pad on the other girls lap and the second young girl would then carry on with another sentence. Apparently, the story would not and as they read each others sentence they giggled or laughed and kept on writing. When I left the train they were continuing on the second page and said they have never done it before.

They came from Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook and advised they don't normally catch the train and enjoy want they were doing .

Good on them!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, good to see that there are still schools out there that teach children good virtues and behaviour. The example of these two girls clearly show that Tangara is one of these schools.

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