Thursday, December 15, 2011

Customer Service Training Needed By Bus Drivers - Inside Information!

So hopefully interested transport officers will listen and learn and make bus drivers go through this customer service course to present a good image, not only for the better of themselves but for the commuters!

Total honesty prevails. Yes, true to the story being told to me - straight off the bus drivers mouth,  I have advised that this bus driver  has publicly told me that from what this bus drivers hears, feels and sees on other bus drivers - he or she ( Can't tell who it is) is appalled at what other drivers are treating commuters around the area.

It is beyond doubt that all bus drivers need formal customer service training which will definitely reduce commuter complaints/frustrations and/or dissatisfactions of any negative public transport service or public transport offier's service. In fact each transport officer should  take down any feedback and refer to relevant authorities, so they can provide a customer service feedback program and use that to improve bus service and bus driver customer services. They are there proving a service to the community and they face the brunt of the community in good and bad times - a good bus driver will never get upset!

My recently deceased father), was a former tram conductor, bus driver, bus driver instructor and 3rd Class Bus Driver Inspector - he dealt in always with customers and sometime had to go to tribunals to represent the State Transit Authority at the time for petty disputes and  was never found to misrepresent his duties, he was a happy man and smiled and brought that smile at home. his means you have to be happy within life.

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