Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Security Required On Night Trains!

Susie, a hard working and travelling commuter from Mount Druitt travels on her working days right through to Bondi. That is from West to East and back to West and in doing so catches 2 buses and one train. She has been commuting for 12 years since moving from Maroubra and has been generally happy with transport services with those 12 years.

What she would like to see improved ( if she had the magic ball) is security guards, police and/or transit officers on all trains protecting the commuters against any anti-social behaviours. This would  make commuters have safer journeys and trips to and from home! She expressed her concern during school holidays where there should be an increase in safety officers for the record a as this is when there is an increase in anti-social activity on public transport.

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