Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Time Tables Not Working For Busways - Solution Provided!

I have just recently heard from a transport spokesperson that Busways  bus drivers are finding it difficult to run to the new October 2013 time tables.

Basic reasons for this to occur, is  late running services and this is caused by many reasons: bus drivers not provided with a proper rest at the end of each trip,  commuters complaining, and also not having the right amount of fares and undeciding of whether they have to get on bus or not.

Keeping in mind these issues and remembering (from previous blogs) that bus drivers are allowed 30 seconds to pick up and drop at each bus  stop. If this time is over the time limit, it extends the time of the journey. This results in bus services not meeting with interchange timetables for other buses or any Sydney Trains. So Busways are  looking at contingency plans to counter this time table issue they are having. This is a  major KPI* on maintaining the contracts on NSW Bus Region 1 for the next 3-5 years.

Solution for this is very easy, in my aspect. When timetables are issued, they should be issued with a flexibility of times of arrival and depart. What does this mean, some of you are saying?

Well, up to now, NSW for Transport in the past have been providing timetables which commuters expect to be exact timetables, especially based on their  planned journey for the day. By allowing  say for example a '5 minutes flexibility time table' that means services can arrive 5 minutes before or after the designated 'Flexible Timetabled' times. Normally, commuters will arrive minutes before or just as the service is arriving.

By doing this, it takes off the pressure off from bus drivers, Management of Busways, NSW for Transport and there would need to be an educational process to be provided to each commuter (which will also result in less complaints) to worry about being late or early by 5 minutes! Commuters will need to have a better understanding rather than getting frustrated waiting for services.

The other suggestion, would be heading to the right way, providing extra bus services cutting down the waiting time and in itself promoting more people to become commuters, catching public transport buses!

What do think? It is a positive way of fixing Busways dilemma at the moment? Let us know your thoughts, ideas or feedback - this is important for everyone!

*Key Performance Indicator

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