Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sydney Trains Transport Offier Gets Home Later With Buses In Mount Druitt!

There seems to be  missing buses on the 780 Busways  Timetable.
This has been provided to myself by a Transport Officer that works on Sydney Trains, does shift work and  used to get home early.

He was able to get a Busways bus service at around 10.30pm and now this bus service has been deleted/removed from the previous timetable. So we were told almost 12 months ago - no timetables will change, in fact there will be  more bus services - when Busways take over the complete NSW Bus Region 1, yet we have  a  bus service that has dropped from a half an hour service to an hourly service after about 9am.

So going forward  bus services are not catering for commuters that work late or come back from visiting late, we are now down to a hourly services after 9am, where it was a  half- hour bus service to a half-hourly.

What do you think about this?

Click Here for the Busways 780 Timetable

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