Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bus Shelter Disappears In Whalan - We Seek Answers!

Last weekend Anne, Vice-President of Mount  Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. contacted myself and notified of the missing 'Bus Stop' at the corner of Waikanda Crescent and Luxford Roads Whalan.

This  is not the first time people of Mount Druitt have been taken away certain  Bus Shelter within the area of Mount Druitt ( refer to previous blogs).

Here is the previous blog on the bus stop at the corner of Waikanda Crescent and Luxford Roads Whalan:

And here are 2 ladies on last Sunday, using the shade of the tree 20-30 minutes up the road, whilst Blacktown City Council and Busways removed the shelter for no reason!

Click Here The Missing Bus Stop Video

Also find a video, where there is a young mother and her young baby, unable to shade the shade of the bus shelter and an elderly lady who can't sit down, standing with a cane, painfully.

And here is 2 ladies using the shade of the tree about 20 - 30 metres away from  where the bus stop is(they are in the  middle of the photo). This was an extremely hot day.

We do not want people to suffer when there  a bus shelter required and then removed.

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