Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blacktown City Council Is Selling Land In front Of Bus Stops......

There is a political debate within Blacktown City Council local government area to sell pockets of vacant unused land, which is generally not used by the public, although is is used for access for the public, to be used personally as an exercise, short cut to access different streets and properties in the area.

There is only one pocket of land that Council is seeking to sell, which I think  is good for them to receive funds that I am aware of - I cannot speak for other pockets of land. Yet although this is used as a short cut to get to and from the bus stop, there are plans to close the lane-ways in-between houses in the area, which would benefit the purchaser.

The only negative aspect is there is a road overpass in front of it and vehicles can check the property out, even if  single or median dwellings are constructed for residential in the future.

This is the bus stop on the corner of Bulolo Road and Ellengowan Crescent, Whalan.

Here it is:

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