Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Less Study Time - UWS Student, Lalor Park!

A young female University of Western Sydney Student from Lalor Park, Saba, in the morning has to walk from her home past the Busways 743 bus stop and catch buses on the T-Way, as there is irregular times that buses come and claims never on time.

She is so thankful there is a T-Way that allows her to catch these buses to Blacktown Station. It is estimated that her walking is an extra 5-8 minutes per day which could be spent more on her studies. In the afternoon trip there is no problems she does catch the Busways 743 home.

The solution to her problem is to request a transport representative from Transport for NSW to monitor this bus service and check it's arrival and departure around Lalor Park and compare it to time tables. She has no major issues with trains and is quite happy twith their services.

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