Sunday, July 1, 2012

Opportunity For More Increased Commuters But Promotion Of Public Transport Required, First!

A wonderful, fairly recent male commuter from originally 
Afghanistan, currently living in St Clair, Didar wanted to share his great thoughts and views on public transport and found this a great opportunity to do so.

He is a regular train commuter to Auburn train station and says he has no problems using the buses from St Clair except some lateness to reach Mount Druitt train station. 

Didar would like to see more people become public transport commuters as opposed to always using private cars. If more commute to and from any destinations by using public transport there will be less congestion on roads and less vehicles being used on roads. Fuel usage would also reduce and would all benefit for a much improved public transport, well patronised system. He would like NSW Government in conjunction with NSW for Transport to focus on promoting public transport, yet is unsure how the government can do this as a priority.

He thanked myself for doing what I am doing, having the courage to speak to strangers and getting ideas, suggestions, notions

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