Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cleaner Taxi's Required In Mount Druitt

A lady from Whalan called Di. now appreciates the upgraded bus stops that our group has been lobbying for with our area. Especially at the corner of Waikanda Crescent & Luxford Roads, Whalan, where this bus stop allows her to catch three buses heading to Mount Druitt: 674, 755 & 780. As she understands we had some input in let the ears of Blacktown City Council (via Council Officers and Councilors) as they listened as and they have listened to get this done.

One of her issues as a regular taxi commuter while she returns from shopping, and it is the condition of taxis around the area is not up to standard or compliant:  taxis are basically dirty (not cleaned regularly),  broken doors & seats sometimes and sometimes the drivers don't know where they are going. Her perception of the type of condition and service of  taxi around Mount Druitt is second rated.

The solution is to have a general inspection on the condition of the vehicle either monthly or quarterly, organised by a combination New South Wale Taxi Council  and Blacktown Council Transport/Traffic representative and  regulated by New South Wales for Transport representative. The objective will be to ensure taxis are complied to cleanliness for public use and then a proper standard condition sis maintained. They need to keep up their game by being professional!

Buses are usually alright with seating condition and bus condition of cleanliness and are generally on time tabled serve - yet there is not much room for accessibility for commuters that require this type of bus service.

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