Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rooty Hill Gentleman Faces Issues With City Rail Power Station

Amazing! The good people I meet every day, they all have something to say or even more than something to say about public transport issues  or just improvements. Here ia a gentleman I met today who had been stressed out with had happened to him. As he lives alongside North Parade Rooty Hill, he wasn't aware of was was happening opposite the road where his house was situated. There was City Rail (unbeknown to him) building a power station.

he approached them and asked what was happening and next day there was a transport officers representing City Rail, trying to explain the situation. He asked why wasn't the Community consulted through ''Community consultation programs'. The answer he received is 'City Rail doesn't need to consult with the community when they in the process of building!'

Then he was advised it was going to be 6 metres high and he protested on the basis it will hinder his viewing and be a distraction for receiving TV Channels. They informed him that it was going to be placed in front of the Rooty Hill High School - opposite the road but they protested and asked for it to be moved further down and then development started.

He was lost and thought he would stand no chance, whilst they are doing this. I provide him with two options:

  • Contact his State Member and get him involved, Mr.Richard Amery. Hon Member for Mount Druitt.
  • 3 local Councillors from his ward - it is election year!
  • I for got to contact 131500 and raise as a general enquiry.

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