Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bus Drivers New Mobile Phone Policies - Good And Bad For Us!

Today, I have been advised about new policies introduced to bus drivers by the Management of Westbus & Busways, in relation to the use of personal mobile phones.

This is not confirmed  but if it is we will advise you in due course. From now on, the use of mobile phones are banned to be used individually by bus drivers to be used during the  completion of their trips. What this means to the  local commuter is safer journeys and this is definitely positive. I thought this was in practice already - amazing how  Bus operators can be behind the times!

Secondly, Busways has introduced a further policy in relation to mobile phones - bus drivers are not allowed to even 'touch' mobile phones  during their paid jsoourney breaks. That means when a  bus driver has completed a journey they may require a  rest break for 5-10 minutes before they commence a new route/trip. Yet if they are on a meal break (unpaid work) - they are free to use their personal mobile phone.

Now the second one , when some drivers break could psychophysically  break downs, raise stress factors and worries  for their,especially if they are waiting for important/ emergency call related that may affect close friend/families. Drivers may not concentrate and rush to get to their meal break or their end of shift. I feel that if they is a small amount of time in between journeys - they driver should have at least 1-2 minute quick time on their personal mobile phone so they are not stressed out or worried. I am only stating this as this may affect the safety driving for commuters also leading to potential accidents! Maybe Busways could reconsider or they may not and this things could happen to drivers and then affecting commuters!


I have also head that they are allowed to use their mobile phones in the depot as long as they are on 'unpaid' time! and three drivers were released from the bus operators employment, as they were caught on the cameras only touching these mobile phones not using them. This was after these policies were introduced - they want to keep it quite!

I hope they local press take up this story!

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