Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mount Druitt Connects To Schofields Train Station

Yesterday, I  travelled to Schofields train station for experience and to see the wonderful newly upgraded train station, I did a video of the trip from Blacktown - it is so close to Blacktown and I am amazed how much available land there is for further suburban development and can see why NSW has  made the station the way it is:

According to a legend in the area I met or kind of  'bumped into' - the old train station is 850 meters up the railway line (towards Riverstone) to where it is now. The new train  station is approximately 2 miles distance from Riverstone train station. The Schofield sling track was 50 metres higher up off the track which was used  as a feed lot for the Riverstone meat-works for the cattle grazing around the area

He advised vandalism and graffiti is not easy here as the prospect of being caught is quite high and is  because the local communality keep watch to these items as well as  the security systems implemented in the new train station.
 The local elderly gentleman has been developing town houses around the area and was the first local person to do so. His thoughts on the new Schofields train station, he compares to a train stations along the north Shore of Sydney and rates it as a high class station, which he understands has done to accommodate the growing needs  of our population and also is a safe haven for rising sea levels - compared to coastal waters of Sydney. He claims  that  Schofields  is good for Governments, politicians and developers as land closer to the railway line will be in the high price vicinity and higher density housing will be created in the longer run.

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