Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Australia Day - Buses Required In BCC To Reduce Car Congestion At Rooty Hill!

In our modern community within Blacktown Local Government Area, when the time for celebration comes for the traditional "Australia Day' celebrations, the getting there and getting out is the issue. Not the amusements, entertainment that is providing families and friends  total fun and cheers.

I am personally proud of being  'Australian' but I'm no better Australian than the person you are and one of the things that brings that pride is easy accessibility to and from  Morreau Reserve, Rooty Hill on Australia Day, of each year.

What gets me is the thousands of cars parked on the Hill (from top to bottom), heavy traffic lanes of cars coming in from each direction of  instead of Eastern Road, Rooty Hill. By he time you park your car, you have completed the first battle, the 'Rooty Hill Car Congestion'. The next is to find a convenient, comfortable spot to sit on, relax watch the show or if you are of the youthful kind go on the free rides and entertainment - That is the third battle.

To solve the first battle is very easy - bus shuttles supplied by Blacktown City Council  (well advertised) from a start from Rooty Hill Train Station or if generous covering all train stations from within the Blacktown LGA. This will then provide a perfect great  public service to the community making it easier to get to  and from the Hill, not wasting time on locating car parking spots or parking over 2 kms. away. Buses can set down either side of Eastern Road or on either side the Rooty Hill Road (South) side of Morceau Reserve - this would then allow for less cars to mount 'The Hill'!

What we don't see from within the community is the background work that is involved within BCC of their  Traffic Officers. That is the pre-planning with NSW Police, NSW Transport, Roads & Maritime Services. other relevant state bodies and BCC Australia Day Organisers. They ensure safety though policing, parking for community members - to prevent any safety issues that might occur as well as other store holders, amusement, entertainment and other  vehicles entering the Reserve.

After the even  all BCC officers with have an 'After Event Briefing' - more like a debriefing - seeing where the organisation of the event can be improved for next time - good idea and to all BCC's officer well done

Empty Rooty Hill of cars!
Special thanks goes to our Publicity Officer, Debbie Robertson - who mentioned this suggestion over a year ago which inspired the following blog:

Here are the details for  the important event:

Celebrate Australia Day on The Rooty Hill
  • Thursday, 26 January, 2012 4pm – 9.30pm
  • Venue: The Rooty Hill, Morreau Reserve, Eastern Road, Rooty Hill
  • Featuring performances by Seattle Sound, Doc Neeson and Ross Wilson!
  • Enjoy all the festivities of Australia Day 2012 at Council’s annual Australia Day Celebrations
    on The Rooty Hill including free amusement rides, an amazing parachute jump with the
    largest flag in the Southern Hemisphere and a fireworks spectacular presented by Endeavour
    Energy to close the event.
    • 4.00pm Gates open on Eastern Road, Rooty Hill
    • 4.00pm Amusement rides open
    • 4.00pm Living Chair
    • 4.45pm Mike Champion
    • 5.00pm Justice Crew
    • 5.45pm Seattle Sound
    • 6.45pm Parachute Jump
    • 7.00pm Doc Neeson
    • 8.00pm Ross Wilson
    • 9.15pm Fireworks Spectacular presented by Endeavour Energy
  • The Rooty Hill is a 10 minute walk from Rooty Hill Railway Station or can be accessed by car via Eastern Road, Rooty Hill.
  • Limited parking is available.
  • For more information contact Council on 9839 6000 or visit

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