Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Public Transport Graffiti Issues On Public Transport Property - BCC To The Rescue!

When it come to vandalising public transport property is up to the Local Government Area with their Graffiti Clean up gangs that  bring back that community pride, once it is cleaned up.

In our local area we have Blacktown City Council that looks after us - I have been advised that they do bus interchanges and bus stops in relation to transport but if it an advertised bus shelter then the responsibility relies with the advertising company to clean it up.

Should you see any public area that need attention to improve due to graffiti contact council on 98396000 request to speak to a Graffiti Removal, Prevention and Management  Officer  and/or your local Councillor. Please feel free to contact either or both as both are at your service.

They can also assist you with Private Property but talk to them first!

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