Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Faster and Express Sydney Trains Required By Doonside Commuter!

Ravi from Doonside walk ten minutes from his home to Doonside train station and catches Sydney Trains to Town Hall train Station.

One of the improvements he would like to see with Sydney Trains at Doonside train station is more frequent trains required, compared to the new train time tables issued. At present trains arrive in the morning peak hour every 20 minutes, which can present long waiting times  for commuters, thence arriving at work late if missing train.

He would like to see included more express train services to city after Doonside reaching the City of Sydney. More trains immediately added to time table means as well as more faster trains.

Compared to countries like Japan their train services can reach 100 kms in  one hour, where our trains take 1 hour to travel 45 kms to the City of Sydney.

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