Monday, March 24, 2014

Waiting For Rail Buses Outside of Mount Druitt Train Station Heading To The City!

On weekends, we have to sometimes catch  buses to replace rail services called 'Rail Buses'. One of the duties of Transport for NSW is to schedule in buses to replace trains, whilst track work is being maintained, ready for services.

In Mount Druitt it is set up very simply. On the southern  side of Mount Druitt Train Station - is where you catch 'Rail Buses' to
                                     the city or beyond.
On the North side of Mount Druitt train Station, this is where you catch 'Rail Buses' to Penrith train station or beyond!

Although there are temporary shades placed for NSW transport staff and seating, we find there isn't any seating for the elderly and needed.

Yet, in saying this, the amount of bus services provided seem to matching or provide more service then regularly provided on weekends. Weekends are chosen to provide less inconvenience to commuters than during the week!

You can track the track work in Sydney  calling 131500 or  Click here for Track Work updates

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