Monday, March 17, 2014

Access To Bus Stops Can Be Difficult To Community Members! - Check Out This Bus Stop!

 For  many years  commuters have been facing difficulty with access to and from bus stops at the corner of Gasmatta Crescent (South) and Luxford Roads Whalan. 
No Pedestrian Crossing - bus  stop used to be
100 metres up the road(right)

Firstly, Luxford Road at the best of times can be very dangerous in crossing the road as a pedestrian, especially where there is no pedestrian crossing.
On the  departing side of arriving from Mount Druitt commuters have to climb these steps, which can be wet and slippery in the rain. You can see how difficult it is just to get down the stairs. The  car over pass  and pedestrian underpass is dangerous at night as there is possible report of drug activity at the other side of it. I admit I haven't seen this activity.

These are the stairs that  are in of repairs

You can see  how slippery and wet it gets  on the bottom of the stairs.

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