Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Bus Shuttle Still Required In Mount Druitt Request By A Commuter!

Tonight, I was talking to a lady on the bus who I speak too quite a bit. I can call her a true- hearted 755 Busways lady - as she always will seat on the seat at the mount Druitt Interchange and doesn't matter how many Busways 758 come pass, she will wait until the 755 Busways bus arrives. There are quite a few people that will only catch the Busways 755, this is one of many!

Anyway, as we were talk and this other lady had interrupted nicely to ask a genuine question, ' Can I ask you a question?'

Of which I replied,'Of course!'

'Why doesn't Mount Druitt have a free Bus Shuttle like Blacktown and Penrith? We need one!'

My reply was, 'That's exactly what we are lobbying for and we have lobbied for a Free Bus Shuttle to and from Rooty Hill and all train stations around the Blacktown LGA!'

There was growing interest from other commuters and eyes agreeing and heads nodding in the affirmative as the other commuters listened.

I explained for political reasons the Free Bus Shuttle was not needed to increase votes in a Labor seat of Mount Druitt ( Extremely safe Labor seat) and it would be the same if mount Druitt was a Liberal held State seat and the NSW Government was also Government of the day prior to last State election.

So the interesting fact was the mounting requests for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle (pardon the pun) has been Mounting! Let's keep it up!

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